New British Legion website launched on Remembrance Day

Toby Wallis Communications has launched a new website on behalf of the Royal British Legion St. James’s Branch on November 11th 2013. It was an appropriate day for a renewed fundraising push for the charity, which runs the famous Poppy Appeal to fund the support it provides to ex-service personnel.

The website marks a new development for St. James’s Branch, which is the Legion’s national branch and enables many people to join the Legion who might not otherwise be members. As the Legion’s central branch, the branch has no geographical affiliation and therefore appeals to members from all over the country.

Until now the branch has “camped” on the national website, which offers space in its Branches pages to all branches. But members of the branch committee felt this was too restricting in light of the innovations and pro-active agenda they had in mind to develop St. James’s branch into a dynamic new organisation.

“Not only did we feel that the national website was somewhat restrictive in terms of the design opportunity and funtionality it provided,” says John Topping, Branch Committe member, “but we wanted to raise the profile of our branch and be more pro-active in our efforts to raise funds. We believe our new website starts that very process.”

The new website has proved popular with members and the general public and is already receiving increased traffic. Enquiries and offers of help are being generated on a regular basis and the branch mailing list is growing steadily from the subscription link on the site.

View the new website at


Website for Psychology Practice

Yorkshire Psychology Practice (YPP) asked Toby Wallis Communications to design an updated and more interactive website.

Yorkshire Psychology PracticeBased in North and West Yorkshire, YPP delivers psychological therapy and counselling to people experiencing emotional distress and interpersonal problems.

With the growth of their service, and the capabilities of new web-based facilities, the time had some for a revamp. YPP consulted us to develop innovative ways of using the technology.

The Practice’s new website offers detailed information about the services they provide.

A new development is a Self-Help section which enables visitors to access valuable information about mental and emotional problems and points them in the right direction for getting help.


Chimney Company Stokes Up Marketing

Toby Wallis Communications client Chimneycrete have boosted their marketing with a new and expanded website which includes their new business supplying and installing stoves.

The company has expanded significantly over the past few years, with operations now covering all of  North, East and West Yorkshire as well as Richmondshire, and needed an updated website to reflect their new status. The new website improves the company’s standing and has clearer calls to action as well as an improved appearance.

Toby Wallis of Toby Wallis Communications commented: “We’ve had a relationship with Chimneycrete over a number of years and I’m delighted to be able to support their marketing activities with a new and updated website.”

A 21st Century website for a 13th Century house

Toby Wallis Communications recently published a revamped website for Markenfield Hall, “The most unspoiled surviving early fourteenth century house in all England.”


The previous website was considered rather drab and uninteresting, and together with a wish to raise Markenfield’s profile, our clients felt a redesign was essential to present the Hall’s features and facilities in a suitably informative and attractive manner.


The new design incorporates a number of advanced features, with social media integration, response forms and the like. It is essentially a showcase for Markenfield, its history, present day activities and facilities, and as a must-visit destination for anybody interested in viewing a truly unique moated and crenellated country home dating back over more than 700 years.


Featuring events listings, photo galleries, special events, academic information, ordering facilities for publications and a section devoted to the Friends of Markenfield, the website portrays Markenfield in all its many facets and will be a valuable addition to communicating with the world.

Election Website Published

Toby Wallis Communications has designed and built a website for Mervyn Barrett OBE in his campaign to be elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire.

Featuring use of video, a blog, Twitter integration and many other facilities, this is a highly-flexible design allowing instant updating from almost anywhere.

“The world of elections and politics is a fast-moving, adrenalin-charged environment,” says Toby Wallis, principal of Toby Wallis Communications. “We needed to provide a website that was fast, easy-to-read, accessible and most importantly of all, instantly changeable to meet the increasingly frequent need for adjustments as election day approaches.”

Mervyn chose Toby Wallis Communications because of the company’s performance record with the Magistrates’ Association, Probation Association and other related organisations. But the company’s ability to respond quickly to changing demands, and come up with effective communications solutions across a broad range of media, and within very short timescales, was the clincher.

“In today’s political world, engagement, transparency and communications are all absolutely key to getting your message across,” says Toby. “We’re up in the forefront of these developments and can offer candidates of any colour valuable support and advice on running an effective campaign.”

Exciting new features for B&B website

TWC client At Home in London wanted an update of their website and we worked with them to introduce a host of new and exciting features.


At Home in London is a London-based B&B agency that has been doing business over their website for over 10 years and now does over 90% of their business online.


As their website is so critical to their business, Maggie Dobson, the business owner, decided on more than a simple redesign recently. Working with Maggie, we added complex search capabilities, additional listing information such as details of local tube stations, a live feed of what’s on information, weather forecasts and a “Remember List” which lets visitors save a list of homes that catch their eye so they can refer to them when they want to enquire about availability.


The website is now fully up-to-date and functional, and the new features have significantly increased the conversion rate from visitors to the site. In another innovation, there is also a Chinese version of the website at, set up following a television programme featuring the company on Christmas Day.


We were delighted to be able to help At Home in London develop new ways of offering their customers and prospects a highly-sophisticated service which has place the company perfectly for 2012, a major incoming tourism year for London.

Web Stats Explained

Website visitor statistics, or webstats, are notoriously confusing and complex to understand. If misunderstood you run the risk of believing your website is performing better than it actually is.

To get a clear idea of your website’s effectiveness you need at least a grounding in the basic principles of the subject. So we have produced a brief Guide to Visitor Statistics to help you on your way.

Click here to download your own free personal copy.

Makeover for Tockwith Country Show

Tockwith Show's old website Tockwith Show's new website
Before and after the makeover

The organisers of Tockwith Show, a country show in North Yorkshire, asked Toby Wallis Communications to review and redesign their website and other visual identity elements.

As the Show is supported largely by volunteers it was important to ensure that the website can be updated by section very easily, so responsibility for different parts of the site can be allocated/re-allocated in response to personnel changes. At the same time, the overall design must be robust as well as attractive so that any changes/additions to the website retain the appropriate design identity.

In order to meet these requirements it was decided to built the new website on the WordPress™ platform. This has the added advantage of a very quick deployment cycle, so the whole site was up and running in just a few weeks.

The new website went live on Easter Saturday, 23rd April. Innovative features include online advance ticket sales, News by Email, a Facebook page, interactive maps and more. Plans are currently being laid for the publication of results, with the aim of these appearing on the website as soon as they are announced at the Show.

Toby Wallis commented: “We also own and operate Country Shows and Fairs, a listings website which provides valuable publicity support for Country Show organisers. So our involvement with Tockwith does not end with the design of their website but will be ongoing to develop their communications strategy going forwards.”

Free Booklet will Help you Optimise your Website

Toby Wallis Communications has just published a free booklet called 15 Sure-fire Tips to get your Website working More Efficiently.

The booklet is downloadable from and is full of valuable information on copy, cobwebs, data capture and a host of other areas that can transform your website from lethargy to dynamism. 

If you have an uneasy feeling that your website isn’t doing enough for your business, if you have a spectacular site but people don’t visit, or if they visit but don’t convert into sales, then this booklet is for you.

Topics include: 

  • Check your Copy
  • Work your Sitemap
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Data Capture and Follow-up

…and much more!

Plus there’s a valuable checklist for you to use to make sure your website is working its hardest for your business, all round the clock, and some exclusive special offers to help you on your way.

Download your copy of this invaluable booklet, completey free of charge, from

Avoid your website generating spam with our Email Address Encryption service

Spambots are small computer programs that scan web pages to identify and save email addresses. These are then collected and added to junk mailing lists, which can result in a website owner receiving large amounts of spam. This can be a major headache for the owner or webmaster of a busy website.

To avoid this, you can encrypt the email addresses on your web pages so a spambot cannot identify them. The addresses still appear as normal, and if you use a mailto: link in your code this will still perform as required.

Toby Wallis Communications has now introduced an online tool which generates an encrypted version of any email address entered. The encrypted code can then be copied and pasted into any web page, thus creating a spam-proof email link quickly and easily. The encryption tool is available free of charge on the company’s website.

To access the email encryption tool from Toby Wallis Communications visit