More free services added

We are delighted to add more services to our website which you can use to enhance your web browsing experience.

We have added a new section called Products and Services where we include a number of useful services. This complements the existing Services side-box and together is building into a valuable list of resources.

Items currently available on our site include:

May 25, 2010

Web/domain services added to website

As part of our continuous effort to improve our services to our customers and the web community, we have added a services section to the Toby Wallis Communications website.


Every page now has an additional sidebar box called “Services” and clicking any link takes you straight to the service you require.


Current services are as follows:

More services will be added from time to time.


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January 26, 2010

New E-lite™ entry-level online store

Toby Wallis Communications are delighted to announce the introduction of a new entry-level e-commerce system designed for the smaller business.

Developed exclusively by Toby Wallis Communications, the new E-lite™ system brings e-commerce to even the smallest organisation. The system is suitable for product catalogues of up to around 50 items (though there is no actual limit) and integrates with PayPal™ to create a system that is quick to set up, easy to manage, secure and inexpensive to install.

“All that you need is a PayPal™ account and we can set up a system for you in a few days” says Toby Wallis, owner of Toby Wallis Communications. “The product list lets you include photographs and detailed descriptions of your products, and you can update it in minutes using any web-enabled computer.” Prices start from just £149 or £14.99 a month.

The introduction of E-lite™ arises from Toby Wallis Communications’ experience in providing online shopping systems for company websites. “Until the advent of E-lite™, the cost of setting up a system, integrating it with payment gateways and banks, testing and deploying it could be prohibitive for the small business,” says Toby. “Now e-commerce has come within the reach of shops, small businesses, and even local clubs and societies. We think it has a great future!”

An example of E-lite™ in action can be seen on the Green Howards Museum website.Click here to find out more about E-lite™, or to discuss an E-lite™ online store for your company, please contact Toby Wallis at Toby Wallis Communications.

Jan 20, 2010