Professional associations

Professional organisations, and indeed membership organisations in general, have very specific needs for their web presence. Since they are dependent on their membership for their existence, it is essential that membership organisations provide a top quality, high-value service to their members through their website.


In general membership organisations have two “sides” to their website: a public side, which shows information about the organisation and the activities it promotes; and a members’ side, with secure access, which is used as a delivery channel for the high-value content the members pay for.


Sometimes a small amount of members’ information may be shown on the public area. However it is critical that the members’ area is kept separate and available only to members. Of course this implies updating the system from the current members’ database.


Although this all sounds technically complex, we have experience in several such websites and can implement the required system quickly and efficiently. This ensures your membership website operates to the best possible benefit of your members.


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