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Our E-lite™ entry-level online store package brings online selling to even the smallest website. Using PayPal™ for payment, the system is suitable for the smaller business or those wishing to prove the concept before progressing to a fully featured store.


All E-lite™ online store packages include hosting, a catalogue page and control panel to let you manage your store: add and remove products, create new categories, add product photographs and pop-up details and more.


For clubs, membership organisations and those wishing to sell just a single product or service, the Basic package costs just £149 a year or £14.99 per month (minimum contract 1 year)


If you want the flexibility of being able to offer an unlimited number of products, choose the Standard package which costs just £249 a year or £24.99 per month (minimum contract 1 year)


A PayPal™ account is required to accept payments from your E-lite™ online store. We can assist in setting this up if you wish.


An E-lite™ online store can be set up in a matter of a few days, giving you online sales capability in record time!


To find out more and discuss how an E-lite™ online store can work for you, click here to contact Toby Wallis.

  • Customer Highlight

Green Howards Museum
Green Howards Museum Shop

Online store for the Green Howards Museum shop


“Our museum shop is only a small part of our operation and our website, so our E-lite™ online store is quick and simple to manage – just what we wanted.”