Simple Websites

Entry-level websites for the smaller enterprise

This is our option for the small and start-up organisation. Concentrating on clear, simple communication this website can be created at low cost for those organisations which need to keep an eye on expense while promoting their products or services effectively.


We ensure your site observes all the fundamental marketing principles (clarity, conciseness, call to action) as well as being attractively laid out and easily navigable. We can advise you on Search Engine Optimisation and make all our sites future-proof so that you can expand them later as the need arises.


From as little as £500 + VAT, a Simple Website makes an attractive and worthwhile investment. Contact Toby Wallis for further details.

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The Leven

The Leven
A restaurant on a barge at London’s Canary Wharf

“I appreciate the simplicity and speed of our website – and so do my clients”