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So how do you access finance?

You tell us what you want it for, you write a plan that explains the need and tell us how you expect to use the money and how it will grow in value. We will help you with the plan and provide the model/format that the money providers will be happy to look at.

We will make the initial introductions and guide you through stage one of the process.

It might be that you have already established your business and are seeking new funding to grow it. In that case we will work to produce a plan for raising development capital.

The first meeting and initial discussion will be free of charge at our offices. There will be a nominal agreed charge if the meeting is a venue of your choice.

If we continue to be involved then we will agree with you a per diem rate. In the event money is raised a charge of 5% on the equity/debt package will be charged but only become payable when the money is paid over.

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